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Free gluing tool. Cutting blanks and adhesion instructions with every film order!

Perfect Styling for Glass and Paintwork on your car: Precisely fitting tinted film for car windows and Car Wrap film for cars – Cover your car completely with adhesive film for a new look.


Self-adhesive coloured film for signs, glass, advertising hoardings and window tinting, metallic-look films & luminous films, manufacture of colourful stickers which attract extra attention.


Decorative adhesive film for windows: A huge selection of self-adhesive window and glass decoration films in a sandblasted look for individual window surface design for decoration and privacy.


Self-adhesive and adhesive protection films at unbeatable prices from coating and tape experts. Brand-name protective films provide protection against dirt and scratches on all sensitive surfaces.


Improve window safety: Self-adhesive safety film and security films for glass reduces danger of personal injury in cases of broken glass and also effectively reduces the danger of burglary.


Reduce air-conditioning costs in summer and save heating costs in winter: Self-adhesive solar protection film for doors and windows offer effective protecttion against heat and dangerous UV rays.


Beamer films, films for whiteboards, board films, blackout films, whiteboard films, spy mirror films, double-adhesive films, wall tattoos and many more.


Work like the professionals: A comprehensive range of special tools and accessories around the expert art of film adhesion and adhesive film processing, as well as thorough glass cleaning.


This is why window film makes sense
Self-adhesive window films can be applied to glass surfaces, windows and doors in minutes. Exchanging the windowpane with glass in a suitable optic, or for the desired function, e.g., privacy protection, heat protection or burglary protection is, of course, feasible, and more luxurious, but substantially more expensive. This aside, window films have determining advantages: They can be replaced at any time, they are removable, and in the case of glass breakages they have additional shard-binding qualities so that the risk of injury is reduced! In practice, the window film is adhered to the glass in its constructed state and the glass does not have to be removed from its fixture for film adhesion.

The right film for almost every purpose
With our large window film range we cover nearly the entire adhesive film palette available on the market. We should mention solar protection film at this point because it can be considered as an economic and health advantage, aside from an optical viewpoint: Its function as a heat protection shield causes solar energy arriving on the glass surface to be markedly cooled. 99% of the dangerous ultraviolet rays are filtered out, and air-conditioning systems are effectively disburdened - climate control costs are thereby reduced with lasting effect, automatically saving money. For technical information regarding sun protection film, please see Wikipedia. Other hints for determining the type of glass suitable for adhesive sun protection film application, whether on the inside or outside, can be read here.

Free computer-controlled cutting service
As a special free service, we offer precise millimetre cutting. Experience has shown that the laborious sticking together of pre-fitted window film for windows or kitchen tables is substantially easier. All adhesive films are cut using CNC computer-controlled units. The cutting of all geometric forms is millimetre-precise, and available at very at short notice. (see video)

Free with every film order
Every package of adhesive film includes a free gluing wiper tool and a detailed set of instructions in many languages. Sticking together window films is really easy using the wet bonding technique with a little skilled craftsmanship. The film of water on the glass surface and the adhesive side of the film enables the "swimming" film to be moved to and fro until it is precisely positioned. Following this process, any air bubbles present can be easily squeezed out using the wiper tool. The overall result is a window pane on which the adhesive window film is not instantly recognisable. In order to make an initial impression available to our visitors as to how easy it is to use a window film, we have provided an adhesion video here.

Free sample dispatch
So that our customers have the opportunity to calmly consider their desired adhesive film and convince themselves regarding optics, colour and quality, we offer a free sample dispatch service. Our proven service supplies a simple sample film specimen for test purposes on a suitable background. Free film samples can be ordered directly here.

Adhesive films are high tech products
All films, such as window films, special films, coloured films, sun protection films, privacy films etc., are guaranteed high tech products. The production of these adhesive films is a highly technical process and is not at all comparable with the quality of construction and supermarket films. Sun protection film consists, for example, of up to 6 individual layers and possesses all of the necessary and desired qualities for better interior climate control. Sun protection films protects with its exterior mirror effect, protecting against glare and effectively reducing heat generation and climate control costs, precisely in the way that more expensive sun protection glass works, as offered by the glass industry.

Protected B2B area for retailers and trade
We supply both private and trade customers. For retailers and film traders we have prepared a B2B area in our online shop. Traders and retailers can register free of charge, and following acceptance, they can access the protected trader's area. Price-lists can be seen and printed there, and film can be ordered directly online at wholesale conditions.

Dispatch and payment options
Within Germany we deliver, amongst other things, on invoice, and for private customers we dispatch free of charge on orders above 150 EUR. In addition, we offer alternative payment options: Advance payment, cash on delivery, PayPal, immediate bank transfer and credit card. Legal entities, such as societies, limited partnerships, local authorities, public facilities and schools in Germany, can order goods on invoice, following registration (registration form). For orders from abroad we offer such payment options as advance payment, PayPal, immediate bank transfer and credit card.

Awards for ideas and quality in the segment of Surface Technology
IFOHA & Co. KG has been distinguished several times over the course of recent years in the area of Surface Technology and the creation of glass surfaces. In 2007, IFOHA was awarded the Innovation Prize by the Initiative Mittelstand whilst also winning the German Economist's Innovation Prize for "Sandblasted Glass Decoration". Recently, the company was awarded the industrial "BEST OF" prize in 2012 for their "PRIVADO" privacy protection film series. At this point, we would like to announce additional innovations for 2013 and new products in the area of adhesive films, window films, (glass) decoration and autotuning.

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